Open Online Account

Getting started is easy and without any obligation. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be ready to buy precious metal via our secure digital portal and store it in your Perth Mint Depository account.

1. Create your account

Enter your details below and click ‘Create My Account’. Then simply confirm your account with us via your supplied email address. Your Username and Password are essential for the operation of your online account. Please make note of these details and keep them safe for future reference.

2. Login and validate

Enter your login you created in Step 1 and proceed. You will be asked to validate your account and enter additional information including uploading a copy of your passport, bank details and bank statement.

3. Fund and trade

Once your account is validated by our office, you may fund your account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). When your account is funded, you can begin trading in precious metals.

Note: you cannot change your username after your account has been created. Please be sure to choose your username carefully.

The password you have entered is unsecure. Please enter a stronger password.

Tip: use uncommon words, non-obvious symbols and an uncommon mix of lower and uppercase characters to make your password stronger.

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